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Nisili’s Fight Foundation “Meet the Family”

Nisili Peter Tuiasosopo was born on November 13, 2001 in Torrance, California. Her parents are Peter Navy Tuiasosopo and Cheryl D. Tuiasosopo (Leonard). She has three beautiful sisters, two brothers, and five nephews and nieces. They are from eldest to youngest siblings: Tessa Peter Seiuli-Tuiasosopo (Faapaia), Rio Echo Peter Tuiasosopo, Lakei Peter Manoah Tuiasosopo, Manoah Peter Lakei Tuiasosopo, and Piper Peter
Tuiasosopo. Her nephew and nieces are: Kapono Peter Tuiasosopo, Manaia Aaanora Tuiasosopo, Nova Riot Tuiasosopo, Chevy Ruckus Tuiasosopo, and Baby-Peter Piper
Tuiasosopo due in March 2021. This is Nisili’s family. This is Nisili’s legacy. We are NISLI’S FIGHT!

Mission and Vision

Our family has forever been changed when we lost Nisili to an accidental overdose from Fentanyl on January 14, 2020, only two-months and a day from her 18 th birthday. Nisli’s behavior changed prior to us really understanding what was going on but Nisili was able to come to her mother for help when she realized she got involved with something that was too powerful. We knew that this was serious so my wife Denise and family got behind this issue to do what we had to do to help Nisili. Denise walked hand and hand with Nisili throughout the various drug rehab programs, meetings and classes from
2017 until the Lord took Nisili by the hand and said, “That’s enough daughter! No more struggles and pains.” Our family will continue to use our ‘real-life’ story to help others with similar family and life situations so that they are not alone. To give them hope, love and faith. To give them Jesus!
Any person or family who shares our story understands that “We will never be the same.” That the process of grieving has no timeline because everyone grieves differently. For our family, it will be our faith in Jesus Christ that will carry us through daily. Our lives have been forever changed, but with God, we will be able to live with this as a testimony to God’s amazing grace and Nisli’s life. We will never forget Nisili and the precious moments God allowed her to be with us. She greatly impacted our lives and the lives of all her extended families and friends who truly knew her. Nisili was a born-again Christian who loved the Lord and her family. We will see Nisili again, and
when we do, it’s going to be amazing! Thank you Jesus!